Mediterranean Monk Seal(Monachus monachus)

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The Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus) is a sea mammal characterised as critically endangered(IUCN).

It’s entire population is estimated to be less than 600 individuals. 250-300 of them are found here in Greece(Aegean Sea). Other smaller populations are found in Cabo blanco(western Sahara), Azores, Black Sea.. Monachus monachus is one of the biggest species of seals. The average length of an adult mediterranean monk seal is 240 cm approximately.

Males are a little bit bigger than females. They weigh up to 32o kgs and can reach the age of 45. They hunt during the day and feed on fish and mollusks. Hunting, coastal urbanisation, pollution, fishing nets seem to be the basic reasons that meditteranean monk seals are in danger.

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