Marine life and global warming

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I just read this interesting article:TAU professor finds global warming is melting soft coral.

 We have evidence. Are we willing to do something?

 Let’s change our lives and save our home.. It’s hard to find good planets.

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Climate change and fires

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The catastrophic fires in California indicate that a storm is coming. This metaphoric storm means more frequent events like these, fires, hurricanes, drought. The climate change models have predicted such phenomena. Many experts talk about it for many long time but nobody listens. According to Nasa the average temperature has climbed 0.8 degree Celsius since 1880, much of this in the last decades.The 20th century’s last two decades were the hottest in 400 years.Polar bears in Arctic suffer as ice is dissapearing. Mountain snows are rapidly melting. And there is scientific evidence. Is human responsible for climate change? The answer is YES. He is. Ok, let’s say there is a possibility of 99,99%. If you don’t believe that human is responsible for global warming then watch this. You have nothing to lose. This year, besides the massive fires in California, we had similar events here in Greece. The experienced firemen are surprised with what they see. This whole situation is not normal. As I read here, Ronald Neilson, a professor at Oregon State University and bioclimatologist with the USDA Forest Service said that “You can’t look at one event such as this and say with certainty that it was caused by a changing climate” “But things just like this are consistent with what the latest modeling shows” “and may be another piece of evidence that climate change is a reality, one with serious effects.” “As the planet warms, more water is getting evaporated from the oceans and all that water has to come down somewhere as precipitation”.

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50 Quick, Painless Ways You Can Help the Environment Today

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Playing your part to help the environment doesn
’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or sweeping. You can help out in little ways, making gradual changes, baby steps. Starting today. Yes, you can do some of these tips today. You can probably do a dozen today, if you put an effort into it. But all you have to do is one of these tips. Just one.

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Can ecosystems adapt to climate change?

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Like living organisms, ecosystems have the ability to adapt when something is different. But there is a difference when we talk about climate change. First of all the climate change process is happening rapidly, in a short period of time so we don’t give nature’s adaption speed the nessecary time to work. Also, human activities and pollution have made ecosystems vulnerable. The problem is that we have changed ecosystems. Even if we just polluted atmosphere and let the ecosystems virgin, it would be still impossible for them to adapt. Let alone now that “ecosystems” have no trees, animals, and their basic elements.

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Ice melting

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  • The average arctic winter temperature has already increased by 11 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The northern polar ice cap has decreased in thickness by 40% and in extent by 6% over the past 40 years. It is expected to completely melt within 50 years.
  • Scientists Report Severe Retreat of Arctic Ice
    The effects will intensify.. That’s nothing.

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    The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

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