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Water Pollution (APES Final)

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Climate change and fires

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The catastrophic fires in California indicate that a storm is coming. This metaphoric storm means more frequent events like these, fires, hurricanes, drought. The climate change models have predicted such phenomena. Many experts talk about it for many long time but nobody listens. According to Nasa the average temperature has climbed 0.8 degree Celsius since 1880, much of this in the last decades.The 20th century’s last two decades were the hottest in 400 years.Polar bears in Arctic suffer as ice is dissapearing. Mountain snows are rapidly melting. And there is scientific evidence. Is human responsible for climate change? The answer is YES. He is. Ok, let’s say there is a possibility of 99,99%. If you don’t believe that human is responsible for global warming then watch this. You have nothing to lose. This year, besides the massive fires in California, we had similar events here in Greece. The experienced firemen are surprised with what they see. This whole situation is not normal. As I read here, Ronald Neilson, a professor at Oregon State University and bioclimatologist with the USDA Forest Service said that “You can’t look at one event such as this and say with certainty that it was caused by a changing climate” “But things just like this are consistent with what the latest modeling shows” “and may be another piece of evidence that climate change is a reality, one with serious effects.” “As the planet warms, more water is getting evaporated from the oceans and all that water has to come down somewhere as precipitation”.

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Some ways to green yourself

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lamp.jpg1. Use public transport! Here in Thessaloniki the situation is really bad. Everyone prefers to take his own car and wait about 30 minutes for a 2 kms distance than taking the bus and make us all happy. One of the basic reasons of air pollution is cars.

2. Recycle everything you can, recycle plastic bottles, paper, aluminium cans, your old car or your old pc.

3. Save water. The drinking water is not measureless. For example, install a low-flow toilet.

4. Plant some trees or buy some pots. Also, don’t use synthetic fertilizers, use compost instead or another natural way which sometimes is more efficient than fertilizers.

5. Watch the temperature. If you can’t get rid of your air conditioners, lower your temperature and change your filters frequently.

6. Use eco-friendly appliances that consume less and save money. Let’s say you want to buy a new refrigerator. Buy the one with the “energy-star” logo. Also change your incandescent lamps with Compact Fluorescent Light lamps which last longer and reduce your electricity bills.

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Al Gore Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

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50 Quick, Painless Ways You Can Help the Environment Today

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Playing your part to help the environment doesn
’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or sweeping. You can help out in little ways, making gradual changes, baby steps. Starting today. Yes, you can do some of these tips today. You can probably do a dozen today, if you put an effort into it. But all you have to do is one of these tips. Just one.

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Point Source Pollution

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It’s really sad when you see big pipes polluting water, rivers, lakes and finally seas. It’s worse when industrial wastes mixed with water pass through residential districts. Point Source Pollution is pollution from an identifiable source. Industries always look for the cheapest way to get rid of their waste. So it’s time for the state to take some measures against them and finally fine them. Nutrients, toxic chemicals and oil increase public health risks, affects life span and reproduction rates of all animals(including humans). Here are some pictures of water pollution in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

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Hello world!

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Just another voice.. The more the better: a phrase that when it comes to environmental issues is a fact.

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